Trump Forces Last 2 Federal Judges To Resign

After receiving thousands of letters and complaints about two federal judges trying to impose Sharia Law on America, President Trump has responded. He sent letters to both judges instructing them to either denounce Sharia publicly in a written and notarized statement or quit.

Judge Herm ali al Akbahri wasted no time stepping down, calling Trump a “giant orange stain on the fabric of America.” He was immediately removed from the federal courthouse in Dearborn, Michigan.

Judge Mashala Laharalla of the 6th district probate court said that he would resign his lifetime post when the Constitution knocked on the door and told him to. After a private call with president Trump, he changed his tune and resigned as well:

“Not only will I resign my bench, I will resign my citizenship to this now joke of a nation.”

Laharalla took his family to Yemen, where they have dual citizenship.

President Trump’s statement was short and simple. “Sharia Law,” he said, “Is very bad for this country. We can’t have men in power who would see it implemented. We let Obama loose and look what he did to us.”

The resignations are effective immediately. Trump has promised to fill the benches with Christians who will serve this country with dignity, not spit on our culture.


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