California Governor Signs Order To Use ARABIC Numerals In Public Schools

California Governor Jerry Brown has just signed the “Public School Cultural Reform” bill into law. The law will require that all students, beginning in kindergarten, be taught Arabic numerals.

It also requires that students in 4th grade learn about Islam and Sharia Law, saving Christianity for the 7th Grade.

Opponents of the law say that continued teaching of non-American standards shows the world that we are weak. AMLHU Commander Arnold Plotsfarmer reminded Governor Brown that it was American numbers, not some Arabic numerals, that split the atom and won the war:

“Could you imagine if Einstein and Oppenheimer had to learn an entirely new mathematical langusage? We’d all be speaking German. Arabic numerals have never done anything to help America or our allies.”

He’s right. we need to stick to what works. They kept trying to push the metric system and we said no. Now it’s time to say no again. This is America. If you want Arabic numerals, go to Arabia.


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