BREAKING: Elizabeth Warren Charged With?

Sean Hannity has just announced to his producers and interns that he has an exclusive story that will rock Washington DC. Elizabeth Warren, liberal champion of “good,” is being charged with mu*der for the 1982 de*th of her college roommate and suspected lover, Sandy Batt.

Batt was found in 1990 in the basement of Harvard University’s Blair Economics Building. There was so little left of her after decomposing for so long that it took another 3 years just to identify her. When the college went back and examined her time there, they found that Batt lived in a dorm room by herself with very few friends. they all thought she had quit school and gone home, as she had threatened to do many times.

The real story, however, is one that Warren paid a great deal of money to cover up. Batt wasn’t alone at Harvard, A friend who had been in London since 1991 remembered vividly going to study sessions at Liz Warren’s pad and meeting her roommate, Sandy:

“Sandy and Liz were more than roommates, they were lovers. When Sandy disappeared and Liz showed no emotion we thought a breakup had gone bad and the two had split. We all kind of lost contact after that.”

That friend says that any records that Harvard holds saying Batt was a single dorm occupant are lies. Elizabeth Warren and Sandy Batt were lesbian homo girls together and Batt paid for it with her life.

Now the coroner and lead investigators for the Cambridge, Massachusetts Police Department believe they have enough evidence to build a case. They’ve charged Warren with 2nd-degree mur**r to initiate several warrants they’ll need to prove their case. Warren has until Monday at 9AM to surrender at the Cambridge Superior Court or she’ll be a fugitive from justice.

We’ll keep you updated on this developing story.


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