Court Orders Obama To Pay $400 Million In Restitution

The West Texas Federal Appeals Court, operating out of the 33rd District, has ordered that Barack Obama repay $400 Million to the American people for funds he says were “lost” during an illegal transaction with Iranian hard-liners. Judge Gary Jones and Judge Amanda Perry stood together to overrule Judge Kris Weinshenker in a split decision.

Weinshenker, a liberal snowflake appointed by Clinton, was put in his place when the two Bush appointees smacked down a ruling on Obama worthy of the title “Muslim Terrorist Usurper who Held Our Country Hostage.” Jones and Perry pulled no punches in their decisions.

Jones wrote:

“Never have we had a man do so much damage to our country in two short terms. To grow an economy after saving it from the brink of destruction might be something to be proud of on the outside, but two percent growth might as well be a negative.”

Judge Perry added:

“Never before has a President taken a knee during his term and flaked on his duties like Obama did. This money is owed to the American perople and then some. Punitive damages weren’t assessed. Had they been it is doubtful Mr. Obama would ever recover financially.”


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