Arkansas Woman Comes Forward: ‘I Had 4 Of That Rat-Bast***’s Kids’

Mary Lynne Werlitzer isn’t happy. For the past 42 years, she has received a check from one William Jefferson Clinton every single month. She declined to disclose the amount but says that it “barely kept her from poverty.”

Why does Mary Lynne get a check? That was the question she answered for correspondent Art Tubolls:

“I had a boy, twin girls and another boy with that man. He came by a little for a few years. He gave me money. Then she found out and we never saw him again. We just got a check. Now, she decided we don’t deserve that neither.

So…We’ll do what we can. Get DNA tested and such. The kids is all grown but they’ll be wantin’ a piece of daddy’s estate. That Chelsea girl ain’t even his and she gonna get it all? Hell no.”

So far mary Lynne’s story checks out. She was a regular in town with Clinton until he got married. Then he was only ever seen sneaking in and out. Within a few years, all memory of him was gone. Nobody knew her kids were his. They live peacefully in the town to this day.

Clinton is denying the allegations, saying he was paying the woman to clean his Arkansas apartment for the last 40 years by accident. “I gave that thing up in 1981. I guess I forgot to tell accounting to stop her checks,” Clinton told CNN, “I couldn’t pick her or her kids out of a lineup.”

Hillary is standing by her husband’s lies…as usual. We’ll keep you updated on this developing story.

Source: America Last Line Of Defense

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