Governor Jerry Brown Gives ‘California State Citizenship’ To 2 Million Illegals

While he can’t promise them US citizenship that will get them free welfare and food stamps, California Governor Jerry Brown just made it lawful for 2 million illegal aliens to remain in the state as “California Citizens.” The US Attorney’s office says the move is unprecedented:

“We have no case-study to fall back on, other than the obvious constitutional questions. If a person is a legal resident of a state, they are entitles to rights as a US resident. He’s calling them ‘citizens of California.’ Does that mean they automatically assume US citizenship?

This will take time and a lot of lawyers to sort out.”

Until that happens, the illegals of California are now free to run the streets openly selling their drugs and raping and murdering real Americans. 2 million people who were just yesterday thinking they may be deported and might lose their kids and their families, are now sitting worry-free in the country our settler ancestors built.

It’s time for conservative America to finally come together to boycott California.


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