BREAKING: Trucks Full Of Illegals Casted Fake Votes In Pennsylvania Race

The race for Pennsylvania’s 18th district was a close one, with Conor Lamb being declared the victor before write-in and absentee ballots had even been counted. The fact that Lamb “won” even in deep red areas that support President Trump overwhelmingly, is suspicious on its own — but reports of voter fraud make things even more peculiar (especially the trucks full of illegals).

Not only did Fox News report that verified instances of voter fraud are already popping up in the state, but Breitbart uncovered another very serious problem:

Locals captured photographs of what appears to be multiple trucks full of illegals at not one, not two, not even three, but six polling locations across Pennsylvania. All of the locations were in areas Trump dominated in the 2016 election.

Here are some of the photos that were captured:

trucks full of illegals

trucks full of illegals

During the presidential election, a similar incident made headlines when a “van full of illegals” was busted driving from polling location to polling location voting for Hillary Clinton. A total of twelve illegal aliens were arrested and deported. One American citizen traveling with them was a former Clinton campaign employee.

So far, police have no leads on this incident, but they are “investigating thoroughly” according to Pennsylvania State Police Officer Christian Blair.

The Democrat Party is scared of us. Let’s give them reason to fear us.

Credit & Source: Breitbart,


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